In the past 25 years, VT3G has developed numerous particle transport methodologies and formulations. These efforts have led to the development of major computer codes and algorithms.

Transport Codes
  • PENTRAN (Parallel Environment Neutral-particle TRANSport) A 3-D parallel particle transport code, Sjoden and Haghighat, 1997 (Paper Link).
  • A3MCNP (Automated Adjoint Accelerated MCNP) for Monte Carlo neutral particle transport with automated variance reduction, Wagner and Haghighat, 1997 (Paper link).
  • ADIES - Angular-dependent Adjoint Driven Electron-photon Importance Sampling for Monte Carlo electron transport with automated variance reduction, Dionne and Haghighat, 2007(Paper Link).
Cross-sections Generation
  • CPXSD Contributon Point-wise cross-section Driven for generation of arbitrary multigroup cross-section libraries (Paper Link).
Multi-stage Response-function particle Transport (MRT) methods
  • TITAN-SDM TITAN with Subgroup Decomposition Method for multigroup transport calculation, Roskoff and Haghighat
  • TITAN-IR TITAN with iterative Image Reconstruction for SPECT, Royston and Haghighat (Presentation).
  • AIMS (Active Interrogation for Monitoring of Special-nuclear-materials), Haghighat, Royston and Walters (Paper Link).
  • INSPCT-S (inspection of spent fuel pool), Haghighat and Walters (Paper Link) (flyer)
  • RAPID (Real-time Analysis for spent fuel Pool and cask In-situ Detection), Haghighat, Walters & Roskoff (Presentation) (flyer)